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Classic Salted Caramel


Classic Salted CaramelOur classic caramel, with its rich buttery finish has an old fashion flavor profile that gives rise to fond childhood memories.  The Classic has a sense of nostalgia invoking emotions fueled by simplicity and pleasure.  It is bathed in a 55% dark chocolate coverture and then finished with a Murray River Pink Flake Salt from Australia.

Soft, smooth, and chewy are the best words used to describe this classic caramel.  A minimalist approach is the key to the classic as it only takes three ingredients to produce this simple yet rewarding caramel.  Sweet cream, butter and light brown sugar.  The light brown sugar adds a rich texture and provides a subtle nutty addition to the flavor profile distinguishing this caramel from other caramel producers that typically use white sugar during their caramel production process.

Health benefits from chocolate?  Studies show that confections containing dark chocolate are a rich source of the flavonoids epicatechin and gallic acid, which contain cardio protective properties. These same flavonoids prevent excessive clumping together of blood platelets that can cause blood clots.  Furthermore the saturated fats found in 55% dark chocolate do not elevate the body’s cholesterol levels and the amino acid arginine, which is required for the production of nitric oxide, is found in abundance in 55% dark chocolate.  Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to dilate, which helps to regulate blood flow, inflammation, and blood pressure.

Murray River Pink Flake Salt

Murray River Pink Flake Salt

This salt is among the most delicately formed flake salts in the world, providing a delicate texture and mild flavor profile.  The Murray River in South Australia is considered one of Australia’s great rivers and is fed by the snow capped Australian Alps.  The Murray-Darling Basin combines low annual rainfall levels with high evaporation rates to concentrate salt in the groundwater.  This salt is naturally produced from the underground brines beneath the basin and receives its’ peach hue from the red pigment, carotene, that comes from a saline tolerant algae.  These underground saline waters have been lying dormant for thousands of years.  The use of these waters simultaneously improves the environment and produces a beautiful salt ideal for finishing sweet and savory dishes.